My Solutions to the Assignments of Stanford CS224n NLP Class

Stanford CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning has been an excellent course in NLP for the last few years. Recently its 2019 edition lecture videos have been made publicly available. Therefore, I decided to “attend” this course. My objective is to follow closely the proposed schedule: two lectures and one assignment per week. My schedule will then be as follows.

  • Assignment 1: Introduction to word vectors. Due May 28th.
  • Assignment 2: Derivatives and implementation of word2vec algorithm. Due June 4th.
  • Assignment 3: Dependency parsing and neural network foundations. Due June 11th.
  • Assignment 4: Neural Machine Translation with sequence-to-sequence and attention. Due June 18th.
  • Assignment 5: Neural Machine Translation with ConvNets and subword modeling. Due June 25th.

The code will be updated regularly in this repo.

Hang Le
PhD Candidate in Speech and Language Processing

My interests include machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.